EP 3 – Land Banks

Tired of looking at blighted properties?  In this week’s episode, we’ll be depositing our time into the discussion of Land Banks, no pun intended, well maybe a little.  A County Land Bank in the State of Ohio is a useful program, that establishes a private, non-profit corporation through the power of your local government, to fight vacant & blighted properties and return them to productive use in your communities.  We’ll discuss how one is established, how it can be funded, and explain to you that the reason your community may not have one is that your government doesn’t want one and not because they can’t have one.

Who’s on it?

Jared Perry
Sam Tuten
Bret Allphin

Any good resources?

Western Reserve Land Conservancy

A Lank Bank Playbook by Western Reserve Land Conservancy

List & Map of Ohio County Land Banks

Washington County, Ohio Auditor Website

List of Delinquent Taxpayers List in Washington County, Ohio


June 2020 in Marietta, OH


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Shout out!

Western Reserve Land Conservancy

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