EP 19 – Port Authorities, not just Boats, but Buildings & Jobs too

Does your community have a Port Authority?  Better yet, does your community have an Economic Development agency that is working for your city or your county?  Well, here in the State of Ohio, a port authority is a political subdivision formed by a local government – county, township, municipality, or combination thereof.  They provide economic development benefits to a community.  Yes, they can, do, and have managed various types of transportation facilities but for example, they also have the power to purchase, sell, or lease property, and can be used for general obligation bonds.  As this economic development tool and because they have tax-exempt status, port authorities have the advantage of passing savings onto projects.  Port Authorities are able to get themselves into a variety of economic development projects, such as public improvement projects, industrial parks, and of course, creative financing opportunities for businesses.  Tune into this week’s episode as we host Jesse Roush, the Executive Director of the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority located right here in the same building we produce these amazing episodes for you, our listeners.  Southeastern Ohio Port Authority serves Washington County, Ohio.  We ask Jesse about his organization, what they can do, what are some challenges, but more importantly, we wanted you to know that these types of organizations exist and people like Jesse, are here to help.

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Sam Tuten
Jared Perry
Bret Allphin
Jesse Roush, Executive Director of Southeastern Ohio Port Authority

October 2020

Southeastern Ohio Port Authority – Washington County Economic Development
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County Commissioners Association of Ohio

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